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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #068:
live on NSB 8th Dec 2012

9 January 2013

Brand new tracks from Hedflux, including the long-awaited “White Nights”, top and tail another selection box of top-quality psychedelic breaks.
Download (117.9MB 192kbps MP3 85’53”) 293 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 Hedflux & Grouch Lumination Broken Robot [promo]
2 Flack.Su Psychomancer Glack Audio
3 Brujo’s Bowl Feel Broken
4 Digipack Electronic Outlaw Underground
5 Brujo’s Bowl Reality Ripples Broken
6 Kwah & Ee’sh Dollhouse [excl]
7 Sensient Madman’s Playroom (Sensient breaks rx)
8 Aleksey Electronic & Parallax Breakz Trip To Cybertron (Martopeter rx) VIM [promo]
9 Triple Agent Unterwelt Logariddim
10 Unconscious Mind(s) Out Of Here Psychoactive
11 Quadrat Beat Danger Zone
12 Quextal Xia [WIP v24] [exclusive]
13 Kondrashov Chimerical Expand [promo]
14 DJ Mutiny Dreams Come True (BSD rx)
15 Triple Agent Pistols & Spaceships Logariddim
16 Hedflux White Nights Broken Robot [promo]

Download (117.9MB 192kbps MP3 85’53”) 293 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-12-08

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Artists: Aleksey Electronic, BSD, Brujo's Bowl, DJ Mutiny, Digipack, Ee'sh, Flack.Su, Grouch, Hedflux, Kondrashov, Kwah, Martopeter, Parallax Breakz, Quadrat Beat, Quextal, Sensient, Sensient breaks, Triple Agent, Unconscious Mind(s)

Labels: Broken, Broken Robot, Expand, Glack Audio, Logariddim, Psychoactive, VIM


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