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p s y g l i t c h t e c h a c i d p r o g e l e c t r o d u b m i n i m a l
+ b r e a k s t r a n c e h o u s e d n b t e c h n o c r u n k c h i l l +

To those who have seen the light…

23 April 2009

If you’ve seen me play out recently, indicated that you’re feeling what I’m doing, and earned a special limited edition Quextal business card for your trouble… hello 🙂 I really appreciate the feedback. You’ve inspired me to get on with uploading more studio mixes, so hold tight for those, and in the meantime, hope you enjoy Psylekbreaks.

If you’re around, I’d really love your company on Monday 4th May at 8pm on Brap FM for my regular genre-hopping smorgasbord of electronic delights. Come and say hi in the chatroom 🙂

Want a reminder? There are lots of ways to keep in touch, but the easiest is to search for Quextal on Facebook and join the group 🙂

Big love xxx

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