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Mix: Quexotic Adventures #053:
live on NSB 3rd Mar 2012

21 April 2012

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Epic progressive breaks, twisted psybreaks, techfunk, nuskool, fat electro and a smattering of techno. Interstitial breakbeat for the international jetset willy.
Download (167.4MB 192kbps MP3 121’52”) 1931 downloads

# Artist Title Label
1 The Emissary Transfigured Night Digital Sensation UK
2 K.K. Perfect Storm soundcloud [free]
3 Steve Maccabe & System 2 Odyssey (Tom Clyde rx) VIM [promo]
4 Cade Dr Gonzo VIM [promo]
5 Will Marshall Anaconda (Andy Faze rx) VIM [promo]
6 Alien Eye Fade Away Held2Ransom30 [promo]
7 Yoko San (Watch The Gap) Acid Stepper soundcloud [free]
8 Eltech & Cheus DJ Neuron Historus
9 Kwah Proton Perspective (Mouldy Soul’s retrospective rx) [promo]
10 Bad Tango Arecibo Spank Broken Robot
11 Will Marshall Circuit Funk VIM [promo]
12 Bitrok Push The Envelope (Elite Force rx) UA
13 Monk3ylogic Agent of Chaos Broken Robot [promo]
14 Flukes The Survivor Dead Famous [promo]
15 Robosapiens Fuck Knuckle Dead Famous
16 k:creature Jetset [exclusive]
17 Bad Tango Check Point Broken Robot
18 Bartdon Ground Spektra
19 Boson Blackout (Geon rx) Ego Shot
20 Blazer Pulse Raveart
21 48k Synaptic Shapes (Broken Eye) Yellow Finger

Download (167.4MB 192kbps MP3 121’52”) 1931 downloads

Quextal – Live on NSB 2012-03-03

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Artists: 48k, Alien Eye, Andy Faze, Bad Tango, Bartdon, Bitrok, Blazer, Boson, Broken Eye, Cade, Cheus DJ, Elite Force, Eltech, Flukes, Geon, K.K., Kwah, Monk3ylogic, Mouldy Soul, Robosapiens, Steve Maccabe, System 2, The Emissary, Tom Clyde, Will Marshall, Yoko San (Watch The Gap), k:creature

Labels: Broken Robot, Dead Famous, Digital Sensation UK, Ego Shot, Held2Ransom30, Historus, Raveart, Spektra, UA, VIM, Yellow Finger, soundcloud


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